The images below were created from 2011-2013 on a Gateway M285e Convertible PC laptop computer using a pressure-sensitive nylon stylus working directly on the glass screen with Sketchbook Pro software. Most were made at 8 x 8 inches with a 300 ppi resolution.
When A Head Needs Rolling (2011)

Sending Away Fear Upside Down (2011)

Throwing Sticks and Stones at the Moon (2011)

Pink Bolt Outside Agitator (2011)

Spring Shoots in the Armpit of an Departing Mother (2012) 

Obscured in the Battle of the Twins (2012)

Letting Go Alone Trip (2012)

Bluer on the Inside (2012)

Big Tooth Purple Self-Examining with a Navel Probe (2013)

Envy Blanket (2012)

Profundities at the Tip of a Slur (2013) 

Flutterby Fallen (2013) 

Road Shadow Running (2012)